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To produce, to structure and to disseminate knowledge trough the development of high quality services that guarantees clients’ satisfaction, contributing to the scientific and economic valorization of their activities.

To consolidate the national leader position and become an international reference, through integrated science based solutions in medicines area and other health products.

To privilege R&D, innovation and Human Resources qualification, as a differentiation strategy and identification of opportunities in solid and innovative projects.

Management Policy​​
The main objectives of the LEF's management policy are:
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Quality of services provided;
  • Bet on Innovation;
  • Rigorous observance with compliance obligations;
  • Use of resources in a sustainable way;
  • Prevention of pollution;
  • Promotion of continuous improvement of the Management System’s performance.

​Environmental goals
LEF is a company that prides itself on being environmentally responsible, having the certificate of environmental management according to ISO 14001, issued by SGS in 2010.

Now, LEF is transitioning to the new version of ISO 14001, a more demanding and comprehensive version.

Every year, LEF develops an improvement program to fine-tune its environmental performance.

Regarding the objectives that the company had set for 2017, LEF presented a glass breakage value 5.7% higher than the previous year. Regarding the consumption of electricity per employee, there was a growth of 2.7% and regarding the segregation of hazardous waste, there were 4 containers that were not in conformity with internal audits.

The organization has decided, in 2018, to look at the impacts of its activity in a different way. It abandoned individual performance indicators and decided to see how its activity influences the environment at global scale by determining what its carbon footprint is.

It also decided to find a solution that would allow LEF to reduce the environmental impact generated by the production unit, finding a measure to reduce the water consumption of one of its equipment.

The opinion of the partners is important for the improvement of the environmental performance of the company. So, if you have any suggestions, please send it to us by e-mail​