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Our mission is to transform health through Pharmaceutical knowledge.


​To be leader in the innovative and multidisciplinary offer of scientific services in the pharmaceutical sector.

Management Policy​​

The main objectives of the LEF's management policy are:

  • Customer satisfaction;

  • The quality of the services provided, guaranteeing impartiality and independence in the activities and results generated;

  • The commitment to innovation, knowledge and the qualification of human resources;

  • The protection of the environment, including the prevention of polution and the use of resources in a sustainable manner;

  • Strict compliance with standards, compliance obligations and applicable legislation;

  • Promotion of continuous improvement in the performance of the Management System.

​Environmental goals

LEF is a company that prides itself on being environmentally responsible, having the certificate of environmental management according to ISO 14001, issued by SGS in 2015.

Every year, LEF sets objectives in the environmental program to improve the performance of its system.

Because LEF is a company committed to the global improvement of the planet and to the Portuguese government's 2050 carbon neutrality plan, we have decided in 2021 to implement a 3-year plan that would allow us to reduce our carbon footprint.


We have chosen 2 aspects: Energy and the forest!

  •  In terms of energy, our objective is to reduce dependence on energy consumption from the public network and rationalize energy consumption,

  • In terms of the forest, and because the LEF is located in a wooded area, we decided to plant some plant species.


In 2021 we set out to:

  • Plant an organic vegetable garden in the land surrounding the facilities. This action, although implemented, was eventually abandoned, since the existing fauna on the ground did not allow the development of the vegetable garden.

  • Place UV protection films on windows most exposed to solar radiation, allowing us to reduce energy consumption resulting from the building's air conditioning, in these intervention areas.


In 2022 we aim to:

  • Plant plant species in the land surrounding our facilities.


In 2023 we aim to:

  • Place photovoltaic panels for self-production of energy.

Our environmental concerns are not extinguished at our facilities. The environmental performance of our suppliers and subcontractors is also our concern, which is why it is important to us that they have adequate environmental behavior, namely in the area of waste and in the sustainable use of resources, effectively contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts from its activities.

We are also demanding in fulfilling the legal obligations corresponding to its activities.​​

The opinion of the partners is important for the improvement of the environmental performance of the company. So, if you have any suggestions, please send it to us by e-mail​