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​​​​An adequate quality product development in a timely manner is a critical issue of the pharma business. Planning and developing finished products is performed in a thorough way. Continuous linkage with our clients and partners ensures a final dosage form meeting patient compliance and our clients’ corporate objectives.


At LEF each drug and excipient goes through a customized pre-formulation characterization to identify the best formulation strategy for each product.

  • Pre-formulation;
  • Excipient screening;
  • Compatibility evaluation between the several formulation components.

Formulation development and Manufacturing

​Each product is unique. The integration of pre-formulation data with a careful formulation development plan allows the efficient development of robust easily manufacturable drug products.

Flexibility is crucial. Our pilot scale production unit is prepared to produce small batches of non-sterile solid, semi-solids and liquid dosage forms, under full GMP environment.

  • Prototype Development;
  • Formulation Optimization;
  • Pilot scale manufacturing;
  • Scale up support;
  • Supporting Documentation;
  • Industrial transfer and production site procurement is also available.


LEF has a Pilot Unit equipped with the most recent pharmaceutical technology for the production of small scale non-sterile batches of solids, semi-solids and liquids, accordingly to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices of medicines and health products.

Our Pilot Unit is highly focused on innovative formulations for the following areas:
  • Medicines for human use;
  • Medicines and product for veterinary use;
  • Food supplements;
  • Medical devices;
  • Cosmetic and toiletries.

At LEF we guarantee a complete manufacturing service made to order for clients that search a superior quality and flexibility from a reliable manufacturer, capable of producing pharmaceutical forms respecting their specifications.

We ensure a high performance Manufacturing Unit, whose efficiency is evaluated on the continuous improvement perspective and adaptability to the demand of our products and costumers.