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​​​​​​​​The comeback of compounded medicines in the pharmacies and the relevance of these preparations in the hospital setting is nowadays a reality, resulting from the need for customized medications, directed to special groups and reflects an added value of services provided by pharmacists.

Pharmacy compounding represents an intervention area of pharmacists, which allows meeting the individual patient’s specific needs, for whom the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t have an adequate therapy.

The preparation of compounded medicines constitutes a complex process, the only in which the pharmacy assumes responsibility in all the phases, throughout the entire circuit of the compounded medicines, from the raw materials acquisition till the informed drug dispense.

Bearing in mind our mission to add scientific and economic value to our clients, LEF has made available to pharmacies a technical-scientific service, the Pharmaceutical Compounding Information Center (Centro de Informação de Medicamentos de Preparação Individualizada – CIMPI). 

​​​Pharmaceutical Compounding Information Center (CIMPI)
  • Technical and scientific support, focused on preparation of compound drugs:
    • Legal requirements:​
      • Co-payment/ Reimbursement of compounded medicines;
      • Compounded medicines pricing calculation;
      • Allowed and restricted pharmaceutical ingredients;
      • Etc.
    • Evaluation of magistral formulations​;
    • Information about compendial formulations;
    • Development or proposed improvements to galenic formulation.
  • Technical and scientific support on characterization and selection of raw materials (evaluation of certificate of analysis, physical-chemical characteristics, etc.);
  • Contacts with suppliers of material and services:
    • Raw materials;
    • Equipment/Laboratorial material;
    • Waste elimination;
  • Implementation support for the Pharmacy Quality Management System:
    • Laboratorial organization;
    • Regulatory issues;
    • Environmental control;
    • ​Etc.
  • Portuguese Galenic Formulary support. ​

​​​Any queries must be sent by e-mail ( or phone (+351 213 400 600).

Post-Graduation in Health and Management School

LEF works in proximity with the Post-Graduation in Health and Management School​, on several editions of Pharmaceutical Compounding advanced training to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.